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We’ve been using the sofa and bench since we arrived in SMA on the 24th and I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE them. They look so beautiful and are so comfortable, and the faux leather doesn’t seem faux at all. Plus the color is perfect. I am just to thrilled and want to thank you for working with me so patiently to bring my vision to life!  Happy New Year to you, Annie and Grace.
Scott we are very pleased with the work on both pieces, especially the chair.  I don’t know how the back was strengthened but they managed.  We don’t plan on it seeing heavy use but at least we aren’t afraid of it collapsing if anyone sat in it.


You guys are great.

You’ve transformed the house in the nicest way!

Last week’s tenants said the couch was very nice and that I would be happy with it! That was totally on their own I hadn’t said a thing. Good work!




I am happy with the solution you made on the chair & all the cushions look fantastic.

I was pleased with the constant communication, the work you did & your honesty.  I have & will continue to give you support within the San Miguel community.

A Happy Customer,  Sharon


“Thanks so much.
You did everything you said you would, on time and within our budget!
You are the best,
ps send me a pic of your new dog!!”


“Hi Scott and Annie,
They look fantastic! I wish I was there to sit on them.
Thanks again for another great job!!



“Dear Annie,

“I don’t know if you remember me…Cynthia Greenawalt who lives in the Rancho de ************** ??

“I bought a sofa from you 4-5 years ago. (It was upholstered in yellow with green trim). I know that your company was named for your dog, Grace. I assume that Grace respected the high quality of your marvelous sofas! Alas, my three cats have NOT had the degree of respect that this sofa deserves!!! They have clawed away at parts of it; one arm is particularly noticeable!!!

“…  I am wondering if there is a way to make the cats’ destructive actions less noticeable. If not, what is the cost to reupholster the entire sofa??…

“I would also like to know how I can go about promoting the high degree to which Grace’s sofa has served me!! My brother and sister visited me at the same time a bit over two years ago. During their visit, I turned my bedroom over to my sister and spent a week sleeping on Grace’s sofa (without the bolsters). It was as comfortable as a twin bed! Indeed I would argue that I was more comfortable than your dog, Grace!! Almost one year ago I fell and broke my leg and was confined to Grace’s sofa for many months! Now I am considerably more mobile than those months following my accident…but guess what?? I would rather sleep on Grace’s sofa than in my own bed!!!




“The chair and ottoman are perfect.  Thank you so much for rushing it for me!”
Susan Stuart


¨We came to you with a complex design, a reputation for being very detail oriented and demanding (i.e. tough clients); we left completely satisfied by the result and by the process of continuous communication and review of the products throughout the design and fabrication process.  Great job!¨

Jay & Debe


I’m extremely happy with the sofas…. with the colors, the workmanship, with actually doing what you say you’re going to do, and on time to boot.

(You can quote me if you’d like).

I’m now working on where to place all the art pieces, plus details, details, details.  You’re welcome to come any time, but it would be better to wait til it’s ‘together’.



Re: [Civil_SMA] Grace’s sofa


Have used Scott at Grace Sofa on two occasions. First, a pair of custom love seats in my living room. Constructed from a drawing I did and magazine photo. Secondly, for a custom King size headboard with upholstered panel, again from my drawing (I used to have a custom antique reproduction furniture business in Los Angeles for 25 years).

He did both to great satisfaction and timely manner.

Ron,  Colonia Guadalupe


Re: Grace’s sofa

Hola, Hashi –

Not a sofa, but we had Grace’s Sofas make a club chair as well as a slipcover for our two-cushion sofa. Scott and Annie (owners) came to the house, listened to what we wanted, asked thoughtful questions, brought fabric samples, and were clearly concerned about doing a good job.

Their crew made and delivered the chair before they worked on the slipcovers. They took the sofa to ensure the slipcovers fit correctly and brought it back (either the next day or in two days) covered. It’s outstanding.

We could not have been more pleased with their work product and their work ethic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


p.s. “Grace” is their dog. She’s a sweet pero who runs a good business!
Re: can anybody tell me anything about Graces’s Sofas?

I would contact you privately if I had something extremely negative to say, but since our experience has been positive I don’t mind sharing it publicly. Scott and Annie did great work for us. Seemed well-priced, quality looks great to me. Can’t speak for the durability yet, but since we bought the fabric ourselves we couldn’t really blame them if it didn’t wear well!

hi, you should try graces sofas.  they are in san miguel and made two wonderful white sofas for me–just about the size you want.  they can make whatever size suits you.  here is their web site url and contact info.

good luck, brigid   ….
Re: We’ve discovered a great new place for sofas, chairs and curtains!

I also highly recommend Scott and Annie’s business for well-constructed, high quality and comfortable sofas, also good value. They have different styles to choose from, they will come to your house, measure your space and deliver the product when promised. I was able to find my own fabric and I am delighted with the result. …

Maxine Stone